Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Latest from Deutschland

Windmills on the Horizon
Sandi in Pekip
Our small town of Enkenbach
Colin is almost able to roll on his own
We are finally getting the groove over here , it has been hard with it always feeling so much darker since the sun doesn’t rise until 8 or so and sets much earlier. We have been toiling with the whole German beauracracy, good times. But atleast we have accomplished quite a bit. Sandi has been going to Pekip with Colin, it is a developmental class where he gets to roll around with other kids in the birthday suit. Colin loves it, mommy not so since it is like a sauna in the room. I will be going to a swim class with him starting in mid February.

No car yet, but with these gas prices…we can wait. We are actually going to test drive a Toyota Verso tomorrow, think of a larger Matrix (Sandi’s last car).

Weather has been warm (45 – 50F) with periods of rain, not at all what it should be. Normally it is much colder here, but we will be heading to the Alps soon for some XC skiing. Hopefully we can meet up with Smithy on his trip over here for World Winter Tris.

All in all things are good and we enjoy being here. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying that snow in Gunnison!

Monday, December 31, 2007


Colin checking out his new scene
Colin with Great Grandpa Schaeffler
Sandi & Colin by the tree
We arrived safely in Germany after our long flight, Mocca safely made it as well, and didn't seem too disturbed from her trip in the cargo hull. Colin slept well on the plane, around 5 hours, in his fold out bed. Things were a little more uncomfortable for Sandi & I. We are slowly getting into rhythm here, thanks to the Holidays for the extra time. We have been visiting with family and seeing Jochen and Kristiana's kids Marielle and Micca.

Sandi & I have hot the trails running a couple of times which has been nice to open the legs and get the blood going. Following the Nerw Years things get going for us. I have seen our IF ads and editorial, which both look great.

Tonite we had Racletten and some good red wine, and will ring in the New Year.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

So long, fare well, auf wiedersehen, adieu...

We had a great get together at the Garcia's, thanks to Kathy & Rick for this and all of the parties, great times. Here are some pics from our last bit of time in Gunnison, we look forward to coming back for visits, rides and enjoying all of the things we love about this place. It will be missed. But we also look forward to our adventures abroad, stay tuned for pics and stories on our time in Germany...